Notice: final opportunity for c# assessement test

We would like to let all candidates know that we will be conducting one more assessment session today 13 August at 10 am GMT. Here are a few things you should know:

  1. Make sure you have registered via our Calendly page before then. Link: Calendly - Maliyo Games

  2. This is the very last session so make sure you do not miss it.

  3. Ensure that you attend the call early so that you don’t miss any detail/instruction for the test.

  4. We will be sending out a confirmation email to all successful candidates later today at 12 noon GMT.

The confirmation mail, is it for only successful candidates???

How do I get in contact with someone if i have an issue?

Hello Jos. Yes it is

Email us via

Hello, so I got a late acceptance mail and all the link I was sent has expired can you help me do something about that. Thanks :pray:

Hey. We are working on it and will get back to you swiftly. Thanks

Thanks very much… Would be patiently waiting for you to be done with a it and get a response from you.

The link has been fixed now

Thanks so much i really appreciate