Why the graphics quality of all the Metaverse games looks like they are from the 90s and why aren't there AAA quality Metaverse games?

Have you ever wondered why the graphics quality of all the Metaverse games looks like they are from the 90s and why aren’t there AAA quality Metaverse games?
Here’s the top 4 reasons according to my.

#1 Dynamic Game Worlds Current game engines are not good at handling dynamic game worlds. For example most of the models you see inside a AAA game are static and game engines use techniques like light baking to fake the lighting inside a game. This allows games to run smoothly during the gameplay while producing a good visual quality. Metaverse game scenes are dynamically changing because these games allow users to modify the environment during gameplay and create content inside the games. Because of this current techniques used in games to fake lighting cannot be used in Metaverse games and developers have to stick to very basic dynamic lighting models which leads to lower graphics quality.

#2 Player Mechanics If you think creating player mechanics for a AAA game is easy, look at the process of creating the player mechanics in Horizon Zero Dawn. (https://lnkd.in/dZZaTpaZ) Now in the metaverse games developers have to create player mechanics to work with any environment. This is really hard because the developers don’t know what the users are going to build when they program the player mechanics. This is another reason they stick to box-like figures with basic mechanics.

#3 Massive Scale & User Created Content In the sandbox metaverse there are 166,464 LAND tokens and a single token representing 96m x 96m land (0.009604 sq km). The entire world map size is 1598 sq km. But the Cyberpunk map is roughly 43 sq km and the GTA 5 map is 48 sq km in size. In comparison the Sandbox map is roughly 33 times larger than the GTA 5 map. Now imagine creating AAA quality user created content to fill such a large map. So the developers are again pushed to choose voxel and low poly models.

#4 Internet Speed Given the current state of the internet speed around the world the developers have to restrict the size of a single game asset as games has to stream assets in real time. For example Roblox restricts the triangle count of a single object to be less than 10K.

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