Should indie games cost as much as AAA games?

First of all, AAA games refer to games made by massive studios (usually numbering up to 10,000 people and above). These games have budget of over $100 million.
On the other hand, indiegames are made by a small team of people with a smaller budget.
In my opinion,it would be unreasonable for indiegames to cost as much as AAA games because

  • AAA games have a higher level of graphics

  • AAA games have multiple hours of gameplay which could make their games take days to complete

  • AAA need to charge more to generate more money because of its large payroll

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I think it depends on what the games really offer. If an indie game comes in with more than just a campaign and offers multiplayer features like some AAA, then it deserves the king’s cost. However, I feel like most indie devs don’t have as many resources to make their video games that good. So, no.

Moreover most indiegames have little budget and wouldn’t be able to support massive multiplayer