New Apex Legends Mobile game

So I just realised yesterday that Apex Legends launched its mobile battle royale game. Of course, this will be seen as a response to the success that PUBG and CoD Mobile games have had over the years.
So after installing it and playing it for an hour or so, it felt pretty similar to the two games I’ve mentioned
Have any of you tried it out yet and what do you think about it?

A friend told me about it yesterday,I will check it out this week. I wanted to wait a little before downloading because most times the first version of a game might have annoying bugs.
Have you experienced any serious bugs ?

Not really. Its launch actually seemed much smoother than what CoD Mobile had. The maps are actually quite detailed and some really cool weapons are present from the first match. Want to play it more to figure out any flaws

After checking out some gameplay I can’t seem to see any difference between apex and cod ?

That’s true!! So similar. But the one I’ve liked is the access to various perks and weapons early on. That tends to take time in CoD Mobile in my opinion

Well in battle royale on cod,it sometimes takes a while to get a good weapon.

Is it true that apex has abilities (super) ?

Depends on the map and where exactly you land. So far, I have loved the weapons the game offers

So does that mean there are special abilities inside aside from the game aside from the guns and ammo

not really. But the availability of special shields makes a slight difference

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