Game Companies lying in trailers

Why can’t the Game Companies (especially mobile game Devs) actually develop the games they advertise, instead of lying in their trailers?

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I think it’s just that hype factor they always want to create. Even the graphics for trailers tend to be deceiving since they just want them to look as cinematic as possible? The same tends to happen with movies like Marvel where they include scenes that aren’t even in the film’s final cut.

Are fake scenes really in original trailers?

Yeah @Littlepitch . There are instances where they put in scenes that won’t be in the final cut or even alter shots that will be completely different

I mean I understand hyping a game or movie with some extra spice to the trailer but some games like homescaped (I think that’s the name) and this mafia game (can’t remember the name) just blatantly lie in their trailers. Showing completely false gameplay like the mafia game or a feature that’s barely in the game as if it’s core of the game like homescaped. Some other mobile game companies do that too.

Would you say a game like Cyberpunk 2077 completely lied about in its teasers about what its all about. Because the launch was just horrible haha

Cyberpunk was bad due to gameplay on certain consoles. The trailer showed to the public was real

But I think the team knew how bad it was. That’s why Projekt Red kept pushing the game’s launch for almost a year

Cyberpunk 2077 is an amazing game. They just had issues with consoles

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Either way,I heard the game has been perfected on all platforms now

Although some indie companies make a trailer for a game very early in production and by the time the game releases,none of the features seen in the trailer would be in the game.