From fifa to ea sports fc

So, as you know, EA Sports are ending its partnership with FIFA which means the football game series will now have a different name, EA Sports FC, as announced recently by the studio. Do you guys think this is a good move from a business point of view and will it affect the sales of the video game?

From my research on the topic,I think fifa is asking for a lot of money just for EA to maintain using the name in their game. They are asking for over $1billion.
I play FIFA due to its gameplay quality so even if the name is changed,I will still go for it because the quality will remain

Fair enough. I have just seen lots of players mockibg the rebrand and some journalists projecting the effects it might have on the video game

The only effects I see will be that some players would know that the fifa they know is the same as the EA

I wish they went with a better name though lol. “EA Sports FC” is a mouthful.