Are African parents responsible for the lack of gaming community on the continent

In my opinion,I think the attitude of adults in Africa towards video games causes problems and barriers to young persons who are interested in the industry.
Most African parents advice their children that video games are a waste of time and that the video game industry isn’t a real profession,this type of advice makes young ones lose interest in the gaming sector and helps in further reducing the number of people in the African gaming community as a whole.


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Unfortunately, African society still has lots of stigma against gaming which is why stuff like pro-gaming isn’t widely taken up or even known by young players across the continent. So, yeah they are to blame

In my own opinion I will say no because I haven’t seen anyone who haven’t played games before. People are not just well informed.

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Exactly, because even in places like China where you might also say they have parents like Africans. They have tons of gamers there. I don’t think any parent anywhere will want their kids playing games all day and night even in places like the US. We should probably just give it time, the explosiveness of the Metaverse and gaming industry is inevitable


Would the metaverse increase the problem ?

I still don’t think the metaverse will be as huge as techies project it to be

They are not fully responsible for the lack of gaming in Africa, because if someone is serious about gaming he will be a gamer, but I think African parents should encourage their children more in terms of gaming

I believe most Africans prefer businesses that generate money almost immediately which explains why few venture into game development due to complexity

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