2022 Annual Game Jam Submissions

Hi everyone,
The Maliyo Annual Game Jam development period has ended and voting has began.
Below are the 7 awesome games submitted before the game jam ended. Please use their respective links to access the download link for each game on itch. io . and to vote on each game for the best game.
(Gameplay videos will be added to this post soon)

1) Relic Wars
A casual fantasy card auto-battling game

2)Koikoi : Untold Legends
Your task as Madam Koikoi is to protect the sleeping children from the monsters invading their dreams

3)Dune Biker
A 2d endless runner game where the player rides a bike and avoids obstacles

A tower defense zombie killer game

5)Arawn’s Journey
An alien survival hunting game

6)Afro Turret War
Control a turret, hold off enemy bots as long as you can. This is a tower defense game.

7) Black Ball Defender
This is an arcade game. In this game, you will have the responsibility of protecting the planet earth from the various viruses that put it at an enormous risk of contamination.